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1abuseTo abuse is to use or treat something or someone in a harmful or wrongful manner.
2acceptTo accept is to agree to take or receive something that is offered or given.
3accessTo access is to obtain or gain entry to something, such as a website or a building.
4accordingTo accord is to agree or be in harmony with something.
5accountTo account is to give an explanation or justification for something.
6accuseTo charge someone with a crime or wrongdoing.
7achieveTo achieve is to accomplish or succeed in a particular goal or objective.
8acquireTo acquire is to gain or obtain something through one's efforts or actions.
9actTo act is to perform a specific action or behavior, often in response to a particular situation or circumstance.
10adaptTo adapt is to adjust or modify oneself to new circumstances or conditions.
11addTo increase or supplement something by joining or combining it with something else.
12addressTo address is to speak or write to someone about a particular topic or issue.
13adjustTo adjust is to change or modify something to fit or conform to a particular need or situation.
14admireTo look up to someone or something with respect or approval.
15admitTo acknowledge or accept something as true or real.
16adoptTo take on or assume something, such as a new policy or a child.
17advanceTo advance is to move forward or progress, often in a planned or deliberate manner.
18advancedTo advance is to move forward or progress in a particular direction.
19advantageTo advantage is to give someone or something a beneficial or favorable position.
20affectto have an impact or influence on something or someone.
21affordTo afford means to be able to pay for or have enough resources for something.
22ageTo age is to become older or mature.
23agreeTo agree means to have the same opinion or belief as another person.
24airTo air is to expose something to the open atmosphere or circulate fresh air in a space.
25alarmTo alarm is to cause fear or anxiety by alerting someone to potential danger.
26allowTo allow is to give permission or consent for something to happen or be done.
27amazingTo amaze is to surprise or impress someone greatly.
28amountTo amount is to add up or to reach a total quantity or value.
29angerTo anger is to make someone feel mad or frustrated.
30angleTo angle is to fish with a rod and line or to position oneself for a particular view or advantage.
31announceTo announce is to make a public statement or declaration about something.
32answerTo answer is to respond or to reply to a question or statement.
33anticipateTo anticipate is to expect or predict something to happen and to prepare for it.
34apologizeTo apologize is to express regret or say sorry for doing something wrong.
35appealTo appeal is to request or seek for a favorable decision or action.
36appearTo appear means to become visible or present oneself in a certain way.
37applyTo apply is to use or put something into action in a specific situation.
38appreciateTo appreciate is to recognize the value or worth of something or someone.
39approachTo approach is to move closer to something or someone or to make an effort to do something.
40appropriateto take something for one's own use, often without permission or in a way that is unfair.
41approveTo approve is to officially agree or give permission for something.
42areTo exist or to be present in a certain state or condition.
43argueTo argue is to engage in a verbal or written disagreement or debate with someone.
44ariseTo arise is to come into existence or occur as a result of something.
45armTo arm is to provide or equip someone or something with weapons or other defensive or offensive capabilities.
46arriveTo reach a destination or to get to a particular place.
47askTo ask is to pose a question or make a request for information.
48assistTo assist is to help or support someone in a task or activity.
49associateTo associate is to connect or link something with something else, often by way of similarity or shared characteristics.
50assumeTo assume is to take for granted or suppose something to be true without proof or evidence.
51assureTo assure is to give confidence or guarantee to someone that something will happen or is true.
52attachTo connect or fasten something to something else.
53attackTo attack is to use force to harm or damage someone or something.
54attemptTo attempt is to try or make an effort to do something, often with the expectation of success.
55attendTo attend is to be present at an event or gathering.
56attractTo attract is to pull or draw something or someone towards oneself or to be appealing or desirable to someone.
57authorTo author is to write or create something, such as a book or article.
58averageTo average is to calculate the mean or typical value of a set of numbers or data.
59avoidTo avoid is to stay away from something or someone or to prevent something from happening.
60awardTo award is to give something as a prize or honor for achievement.
61babyTo baby is to care for and treat with gentleness, like an infant or young child.
62bagTo bag is to put something into a bag or container.
63bakeTo bake is to cook food, especially bread or pastries, in an oven using dry heat.
64balanceTo balance is to distribute weight evenly or to maintain stability or equilibrium.
65ballTo ball is to form something into a ball shape or to play with a ball.
66bandTo band is to gather or group together, often with others who share a common purpose or interest.
67bankTo bank is to deposit or withdraw money from a bank or financial institution.
68barTo bar is to prevent or forbid someone from doing something or to block or obstruct a passage or entrance.
69baseTo base is to use as a foundation or starting point.
70batTo bat is to hit something repeatedly with a bat or a similar object.
71battleTo battle is to engage in a fight or conflict, often with weapons or words.
72beTo be is to exist or have a specific quality or characteristic.
73beachTo beach is to bring a boat or a ship to shore and leave it there.
74bearTo bear is to carry or support the weight of something, or to endure or tolerate something difficult or unpleasant.
75beatTo beat is to strike something repeatedly in order to cause damage or to defeat someone in a contest or competition.
76becomeTo undergo a transformation or change into something else.
77bedTo bed is to lie down on a flat surface, typically for sleep or rest.
78beenBeen is the past participle of the verb "to be," which is used to indicate the existence or identity of something or someone in the past.
79beginTo begin is to start something or start doing something.
80behaveTo act or conduct oneself in a particular way.
81beingBeing is the state or quality of existing as a living or sentient organism.
82believeTo believe is to accept something as true or to have faith or trust in something or someone.
83bellTo bell is to attach a bell or bells to something, or to ring a bell to make a sound.
84belongTo belong is to be a member or part of a particular group or organization.
85beltTo belt is to fasten or secure something with a belt.
86benchTo bench is to put someone on a bench, or to exclude someone from a team or activity.
87bendTo bend is to curve or flex something, typically a body part or object.
88benefitTo benefit is to gain an advantage or receive something positive.
89betTo bet is to place a wager or gamble on the outcome of a contest or event.
90bicycleTo bicycle is to ride a bicycle.
91bidTo bid is to offer a price for something in an auction or sale.
92bikeTo bike is to ride a bicycle or motorcycle.
93billTo bill is to send an invoice or statement of charges to someone for payment.
94birthTo birth is to give birth or bring forth new life, typically referring to the delivery of a baby.
95bitTo bit is to control a horse using a bit in its mouth or to a small piece of something.
96biteTo bite is to use the teeth to cut or grip something.
97blackTo black is to cover something with black color or to boycott or exclude someone or something.
98blameTo blame is to hold someone responsible for something negative or to attribute a fault or mistake to someone.
99blankTo blank is to become empty or devoid of content or meaning.
100blindTo blind is to deprive someone of sight or the ability to see.
101blockTo block is to prevent or hinder the movement or progress of something or someone.
102blowTo blow is to move air or a substance with force out of one's mouth or an object.
103blueTo blue is to make something blue in color or to become sad or depressed.
104boardTo board is to get on a vehicle, such as a train or a plane.
105boatTo boat is to travel or transport something by boat or ship.
106bodyTo body is to give physical form or shape to something.
107boneTo bone is to remove the bones from meat or fish, often for cooking purposes.
108bookTo book is to reserve or schedule something, such as a room, ticket, or appointment.
109bootTo boot is to start up a computer or electronic device.
110borderTo border is to form the edge of or be adjacent to something.
111bornto come into existence or be brought into existence.
112borrowTo borrow is to take and use something temporarily with the intention of returning it.
113bossTo boss is to give orders or to direct and manage others in a workplace or organization.
114botherTo bother is to annoy, trouble, or cause inconvenience to someone.
115bottleTo bottle is to put a liquid into a bottle for storage or transportation.
116bottomTo bottom is to come to the lowest point or to provide a foundation or base for something.
117bowlTo bowl is to throw or roll a ball towards a target.
118boxTo box is to put something in a box or to fight using boxing techniques.
119brainTo brain is to hit or strike someone on the head, often with the intention of causing harm.
120branchTo branch is to divide into smaller parts or to extend out in different directions.
121breakto separate into pieces or fragments; to interrupt an activity or process.
122breakfastTo breakfast is to eat breakfast, typically in the morning.
123breastTo breast is to come face to face with or to confront something.
124brickTo brick is to build or construct something using bricks or to damage or destroy something by hitting it with a brick.
125bridgeTo bridge is to connect or link two things together.
126bringTo bring is to take or cause something or someone to come with you to a place.
127brushTo brush is to clean or groom something using a brush or similar tool.
128buddyTo buddy is to be friends with or to accompany someone as a companion.
129bugTo bug is to annoy or bother someone.
130buildTo build is to construct or create something by putting together various parts or materials.
131buildingTo build is to construct or create something, such as a building or a structure.
132bunchTo bunch is to gather or collect something closely together.
133burnTo burn is to cause something to become damaged, charred or destroyed by fire.
134busTo bus is to transport someone or something by bus.
135busyTo busy is to occupy oneself with a task or a series of tasks.
136buttonTo button is to fasten or secure something using a button or similar device.
137buyTo buy is to exchange money or goods for a product or service.
138cableTo cable is to send or transmit information or data using a cable or wire.
139cakeTo cake is to form or coat with a thick layer of something, often a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter.
140calculateTo calculate is to determine or estimate a numerical value or result.
141calendarTo calendar is to mark or schedule events or activities on a calendar.
142callTo call is to use your voice to communicate with someone, typically by phone.
143campTo camp is to set up a temporary shelter outdoors for recreational purposes.
144campaignTo campaign is to promote or advertise a cause or idea.
145cancelTo cancel is to decide or announce that something previously planned or scheduled will not occur.
146candleTo candle is to examine the contents of an egg by shining a light through it.
147candyTo candy is to coat or cover something with sugar or syrup.
148capTo cap is to cover or close something with a cap or a lid.
149cardTo card is to verify someone's age or identity by requesting an official identification card.
150careTo care is to feel concern or interest about something or someone.
151careerTo career is to move quickly and uncontrollably in a particular direction, often in a dangerous or reckless manner.
152carpetTo carpet is to cover a floor with carpet or other similar material.
153carryTo carry is to hold and move something from one place to another.
154caseTo case is to investigate or examine something carefully.
155cashTo cash is to exchange a check or another financial instrument for actual money.
156catTo cat is to groom oneself with the tongue, like a cat does.
157catchTo catch is to grab something that is moving or falling through the air.
158causeTo cause is to make something happen or bring about a particular outcome.
159celebrateTo mark a special occasion or event with festivities or other expressions of joy or happiness.
160chainTo chain is to connect two or more things together with a chain.
161chairTo chair is to preside over or lead a meeting or group discussion.
162challengeTo challenge is to question or dispute something, often in a competitive or confrontational manner.
163championTo champion is to support or defend something strongly.
164changeTo change is to make something different or alter its state or condition.
165channelTo channel is to direct or guide something through a particular route or medium.
166chargeto demand payment for something; to be responsible for something.
167chartTo chart is to create a visual representation of data or information.
168checkTo check is to examine or verify something to ensure its accuracy or correctness.
169chipTo chip is to break off a small piece of something or to cut into small pieces.
170chooseTo select or pick something from among a number of options.
171claimTo claim is to state that something is true or belongs to you.
172classTo class is to categorize or group things or people based on their characteristics or attributes.
173clerkTo clerk is to work as a clerk, typically in a store or office.
174clickTo click is to press or activate a button or control using a mouse or other input device.
175clockTo clock is to measure the time taken to do something.
176closedTo close is to shut or seal something so that it is no longer open or accessible.
177closetTo closet is to store or keep something in a closet or to hide or conceal something from others.
178cloudTo cloud is to obscure or make something unclear or confusing.
179clubTo club is to strike or hit with a club or similar object.
180clueTo clue is to provide information or a hint to help solve a mystery or problem.
181coachTo coach is to train, guide or instruct someone or a group of people in a particular sport or activity.
182coastTo coast is to move effortlessly or without much effort, such as when riding a bicycle downhill.
183coatTo coat is to cover or apply a layer of something to a surface, often for protection or decoration.
184codeTo code is to write or develop computer software or programs using a specific programming language.
185collarTo collar is to grab or seize someone or something by the collar or to put a collar on an animal.
186collectTo collect is to gather or accumulate things of a similar type.
187combineTo combine is to join two or more things together into one.
188comeTo move or travel towards a certain location or destination.
189comfortTo comfort is to provide solace or support to someone who is upset or distressed.
190commandTo command is to give an order or instruction to someone or something.
191commentTo comment is to express an opinion or make a remark about something, often publicly.
192commissionTo commission is to assign or authorize someone to perform a task or create something.
193commitTo commit is to pledge or promise to do something, or to engage in a particular action or behavior.
194communicateTo communicate is to exchange information or ideas with someone, often through spoken or written language.
195companyTo company is to keep someone company, or to associate or do business with a particular group or organization.
196compareTo compare is to examine the similarities and differences between two or more things or people.
197competeTo compete is to strive or vie against others for a prize or goal.
198complainTo complain is to express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something.
199completeTo complete is to finish or accomplish something.
200complicatedTo complicate is to make something more difficult or complex.
201concentrateTo concentrate is to focus one's attention or mental effort on a particular task or objective.
202concernto be of interest or importance to someone; to cause worry or anxiety.
203concernedTo concern is to cause worry or interest to someone or to have an interest or care in something.
204concertTo concert is to plan or arrange something in cooperation with others.
205conditionTo condition is to train or prepare someone or something to perform a particular action or task.
206conferenceTo conference is to hold a meeting or discussion with a group of people, often in a professional or academic setting.
207confirmTo confirm is to verify or establish the truth or accuracy of something.
208conflictTo conflict is to be in opposition or disagreement with something or someone.
209connectTo connect is to join or link things together or to establish a communication or relationship with someone.
210considerTo think about or reflect on something before making a decision or judgement.
211consistTo consist is to be made up or composed of something, or to have something as an essential or characteristic part.
212consultTo consult is to seek advice, information, or opinion from someone.
213contactTo contact is to communicate or get in touch with someone through a phone call, email, or other means of communication.
214containTo contain means to hold or have something within it.
215contentTo content is to satisfy or make someone happy.
216contestTo contest is to compete against someone or something in a contest or competition.
217continueTo continue is to keep doing something without interruption or to persist in a particular course of action or behavior.
218contributeTo contribute is to give or add something, especially in order to help or improve something else.
219convertTo convert is to change something into a different form or to cause someone to adopt a different belief or opinion.
220convinceTo persuade someone to believe or do something.
221cookTo cook is to prepare food by heating it, often using ingredients and a recipe.
222copyTo copy is to duplicate or reproduce something exactly.
223correctTo correct is to fix or rectify an error or mistake, often in a written or spoken context.
224costTo cost is to require payment of a certain amount of money in exchange for goods or services.
225countTo count is to calculate the number of something.
226counterTo counter is to oppose or respond to something with a contrary argument or action.
227coupleTo couple is to connect or join two things or people together.
228courseTo course is to move or flow in a particular direction, or to follow a particular path or route.
229courtTo court is to try to attract or win over someone's affection or favor.
230coverto place something over or around in order to protect or conceal it.
231cowTo cow is to intimidate or frighten someone into submission.
232crackTo crack is to break or split something.
233craftTo craft is to create or make something skillfully.
234crashTo crash is to collide with something forcefully and often accidentally or to experience a sudden and significant decrease in value or success.
235creamTo cream is to mix a substance until it becomes creamy or frothy.
236createTo make or produce something new.
237creditTo credit is to acknowledge or give recognition to someone or something for their contributions or accomplishments.
238crewTo crew is to work as a member of a team or a crew, especially on a boat or a ship.
239criticizeTo criticize is to express disapproval or find fault with something or someone.
240crossTo cross is to move from one side to the other side of something or to mix or combine two things together.
241cryTo cry is to shed tears or make a loud, emotional vocalization.
242cultureTo culture is to grow or develop a particular type of organism or cells in a laboratory or other controlled environment.
243cupTo cup is to form a cup shape with one's hand or to place something in a cup.
244curveTo curve is to bend or twist something into a curved or rounded shape.
245cutTo cut is to use a sharp tool or instrument to separate something into pieces or parts.
246cycleTo cycle is to ride a bicycle or to go through a series of events or stages.
247damageTo damage is to harm or impair something.
248danceTo dance is to move one's body rhythmically to music.
249dareTo dare is to have the courage or audacity to do something or to challenge someone to do something.
250dateTo date is to go on a romantic or social outing with someone, often with the intention of exploring a potential romantic relationship.
251dealTo deal is to handle or manage a situation or to buy and sell goods or services.
252debateTo debate is to discuss or argue about a particular topic or issue, often with the intention of persuading others to one's point of view.
253decideTo decide is to make a choice or reach a conclusion after considering options or information.
254delayTo delay is to put off or postpone something, or to take longer than expected to do something.
255deliverTo deliver is to bring or transport something to a particular destination.
256demandTo demand is to request something forcefully or urgently.
257dependTo depend is to rely on or be determined by something else.
258depositTo deposit is to put or place something somewhere, especially to leave money in a bank account.
259describeTo describe means to give an account or explanation of something in words.
260deserveTo deserve is to be worthy or entitled to something based on one's actions or qualities.
261designTo design is to create or plan the structure, function, or appearance of something, often with a specific goal or purpose in mind.
262desireTo desire is to want or wish for something strongly.
263destroyTo destroy is to cause something to no longer exist or function.
264detailTo detail is to describe or explain something in great detail.
265detailedTo detail is to pay close attention to the specific and intricate aspects of something.
266determineTo determine is to find out or decide something, often after careful thought or investigation.
267developTo grow or progress over time and become more advanced or complex.
268devilTo devil is to cook or prepare food, especially eggs or meat, with spices or other hot ingredients.
269dieTo die is to cease living, breathing or existing.
270dietTo diet is to eat a particular type or amount of food in order to lose weight or improve health.
271differTo differ is to be unlike or distinct from something else.
272digTo dig is to break up and move soil, dirt, or other material with a tool, such as a shovel or pickaxe.
273dimensionTo dimension is to measure the length, width, or height of an object or space.
274dirtyTo dirty is to make something unclean or soiled.
275disagreeTo have a different opinion or point of view from someone else.
276disappointedTo disappoint is to fail to meet someone's expectations or hopes.
277disciplineTo discipline is to train or teach someone to behave in a certain way or to punish someone for bad behavior.
278discountTo discount is to offer a reduced price or value for something.
279discoverTo discover means to find or uncover something that was previously unknown or hidden.
280discussTo discuss means to talk about something with another person or group in order to exchange ideas or reach a decision.
281dishTo dish is to serve food on a plate or dish.
282displayTo display is to exhibit or show something for others to see.
283distanceTo distance is to move away from something or someone.
284distributeTo distribute is to give out or share something among different people or places.
285districtTo district is to divide an area into districts or administrative regions.
286divideTo divide is to separate something into two or more parts or groups.
287doctorTo doctor is to treat or care for a medical condition or to falsify or manipulate something in a deceptive manner.
288documentTo document is to record or write down something in order to have a written account of it.
289doesTo perform an action or activity.
290dogTo dog is to follow or pursue someone or something persistently, often with the intention of tracking, capturing, or discovering.
291dotTo dot is to mark or cover something with small spots or dots.
292doubtTo doubt is to have uncertainty or lack of belief in something.
293draftTo draft is to write or compose a preliminary version of a document, plan or piece of writing.
294dragTo drag is to pull something along the ground or behind you with force.
295drawTo draw is to make marks or lines on a surface or to attract something towards oneself.
296dreamTo dream is to experience a series of thoughts, images, and sensations while sleeping.
297drinkTo drink is to consume a liquid through your mouth.
298driveTo drive is to operate a vehicle, often to transport oneself or others to a particular location.
299dropTo drop is to let something fall or release it from one's hand.
300dryTo dry is to remove moisture or liquid from something, making it no longer wet.
301dumpTo dump is to dispose of something in a careless or hasty manner.
302dustTo dust is to clean or remove dirt, dust or debris from something using a cloth or brush.
303earnTo earn is to receive money or rewards in return for work or services rendered.
304earthTo earth is to ground or connect something electrically to the earth or a conductive surface.
305easeTo ease is to make something less difficult or painful, often by reducing stress or tension.
306eatTo eat is to consume food or drink through the mouth and swallow it.
307edgeTo edge is to move or position gradually towards a particular direction or goal.
308effectTo effect is to bring about or cause a change or result in something.
309eggTo egg is to encourage or provoke someone to do something, often in a negative or aggressive manner.
310emphasizeTo emphasize is to give special importance or attention to something or to make something stand out.
311employTo employ is to hire or engage someone to do a job or task.
312emptyTo empty is to remove all the contents from something.
313enableTo enable is to make it possible for someone or something to do something.
314encourageTo encourage is to give support, confidence, or hope to someone to help them to do something or to keep going.
315encouragingTo encourage is to give support, confidence, or hope to someone to do something.
316endTo end is to bring something to a conclusion or finish.
317engageTo engage is to participate or become involved in an activity or to attract someone's attention or interest.
318engineerTo engineer is to design or build something using scientific or technical knowledge.
319enhanceTo enhance is to improve or increase the quality, value, or attractiveness of something.
320enjoyTo enjoy is to take pleasure or delight in something or someone.
321ensureTo ensure means to make certain or guarantee something.
322enterTo enter is to go into a place or a situation.
323entranceTo entrance is to captivate or fascinate someone.
324escapeTo escape is to get free from a situation or place from which it is difficult or impossible to get away.
325essayTo essay is to attempt or try something, especially in writing or speaking, with the aim of conveying one's ideas or opinions.
326establishTo create, set up, or bring into existence.
327estimateTo estimate is to make an educated guess or approximation of something, often based on limited information or experience.
328evenTo even is to make something level or equal, or to balance out differences between two things.
329evidenceTo evidence is to show or provide proof or evidence of something.
330exactTo exact is to demand and require something to be done precisely and accurately.
331examineTo examine is to inspect or investigate something in detail to understand its nature or condition.
332exampleTo example is to provide a sample or illustration of something in order to clarify or demonstrate its meaning.
333exchangeTo exchange is to trade or swap one thing for another.
334excuseTo excuse is to forgive or pardon someone for something or to provide a reason for an action or behavior.
335exerciseTo exercise is to engage in physical activity to improve or maintain one's health.
336existTo exist is to be present or to be real and have a tangible form or presence.
337exitTo exit is to leave or depart from a place, often with the intention of going somewhere else.
338expandTo expand is to increase in size, volume, or scope, often by adding new elements or ideas.
339expectTo expect means to anticipate or look forward to something happening or someone arriving.
340experienceTo experience is to have a particular event or situation happen to you or to feel a particular emotion.
341experiencedTo experience is to go through or live through a particular event, situation, or circumstance.
342explainTo explain means to make something clear or understandable by giving reasons or a description.
343exploreTo explore means to travel through or investigate an unfamiliar place or concept.
344exposeTo expose is to reveal or make something known that was previously hidden or secret.
345expressTo express is to convey a thought, feeling, or idea through words, actions, or art.
346extendTo make something longer or stretch it out.
347eyeTo eye is to look at or observe something carefully.
348faceTo face is to confront or deal with a difficult situation or person.
349factorTo factor is to consider and include something as an important part of a decision or calculation.
350failTo fail is to not succeed in achieving a desired goal or outcome.
351fallTo fall is to move downward from a higher position to a lower one, often by losing one's balance.
352fanTo fan is to cause air or wind to blow on something.
353farmTo farm is to cultivate land and raise crops or animals for food or other products.
354fatherTo father is to be the biological or adoptive father of a child or to create, initiate, or establish something.
355faultTo fault is to blame or criticize someone or something for a mistake or problem.
356fearTo fear is to have an emotional response to a perceived threat or danger.
357featureTo feature is to highlight or include something as a prominent or important element in a product, service, or presentation.
358feeTo fee is to pay a fee or charge for a service or product.
359feedTo feed is to provide food or sustenance to a living being.
360feelTo feel is to experience an emotion or sensation.
361fieldTo field is to play a position or perform a role on a sports team or in a specific industry or profession.
362fightTo fight is to engage in physical combat or conflict, often with the intention of winning or defending oneself.
363figureTo figure is to calculate or estimate something, often involving numbers or mathematical equations.
364fileTo file is to organize or store information or documents.
365fillTo fill is to make something full or complete.
366filmTo film is to record or capture moving images on camera or video, often for entertainment or documentation purposes.
367financeTo finance is to provide or obtain funding or financial resources for something.
368findTo discover or locate something.
369fingerTo finger is to touch or manipulate something with one's fingers.
370finishTo finish is to complete or bring to an end.
371fireTo fire is to discharge a weapon or to dismiss someone from a job.
372firmTo firm is to make something more solid or rigid.
373fishTo fish is to catch or attempt to catch aquatic animals, usually with a rod and reel or other fishing gear.
374fitTo fit is to be the right size or shape for something, often in reference to clothing or furniture.
375fixTo fix is to repair or mend something or to make something stable or permanent.
376fixedTo fix is to make something stable or secure in one place.
377floorTo floor is to cover a surface with a material, such as carpet or wood, or to knock someone down to the ground.
378flowTo flow is to move smoothly and continuously in a particular direction.
379flowerTo flower is to produce blossoms or blooms.
380flyto travel through the air using wings or other means of propulsion.
381focusTo focus is to concentrate or to direct one's attention on something specific.
382foldTo fold is to bend or crease something to make it smaller or more compact or to stop participating in something.
383followTo follow means to go or come after someone or something, or to comply with instructions or rules.
384footTo foot is to walk or travel by foot.
385forceTo force is to make something happen or to cause someone to do something against their will.
386forgetTo forget is to not remember something that has been learned or experienced before.
387formTo form is to create or shape something, often by combining multiple parts or elements.
388frameTo frame is to enclose or surround something with a frame or to falsely accuse someone of a crime.
389frequentTo frequent is to visit or go to a place often or regularly.
390friendTo friend is to add someone as a friend on a social media platform or establish a friendship with someone.
391fruitTo fruit is to produce fruit or a result from one's efforts or actions.
392fuelTo fuel is to supply energy to power something, such as a vehicle or machine.
393functionTo function is to work or operate in a particular way, often with a specific purpose or objective.
394gainTo gain is to acquire or obtain something that you did not have before.
395gapTo gap is to create a space or opening between two objects or surfaces.
396garageTo garage is to park or store a vehicle in a garage.
397gardenTo garden is to cultivate or tend to plants in a garden.
398gasTo gas is to fill or power with gas.
399gatherTo gather is to collect or bring together in one place.
400gearTo gear is to adjust or adapt to a particular situation or purpose.
401generateTo generate is to produce or create something, often by a specific process or mechanism.
402getTo receive or obtain something.
403giftTo gift is to give a present or to endow someone with a talent or ability.
404giveTo give is to transfer something to someone else, typically without expecting anything in return.
405gloveTo glove is to cover the hand with a protective covering, typically made of leather or fabric.
406goTo go is to move from one place to another.
407golfTo golf is to play a game in which players try to hit a small ball into a hole using clubs.
408grabTo grab is to take hold of something quickly and often forcefully.
409gradeTo grade is to evaluate or assess the quality or performance of something, typically using a numerical or letter-based system.
410grandfatherTo grandfather is to exempt something or someone from a new rule or regulation due to their previous status or position.
411grassTo grass is to inform on someone, especially to the authorities.
412groundTo ground is to connect to the earth or provide a basis for something.
413groupTo group is to put things or people together based on their similarities or shared characteristics.
414growTo grow is to increase in size, quantity, or quality over time.
415guaranteeTo guarantee is to provide assurance or a promise that something will happen or be true.
416guardTo guard is to protect something or someone from harm or danger.
417guessTo guess is to make a prediction or estimation about something without having all the information.
418guideTo guide is to lead or direct someone to a particular destination or course of action.
419guyTo guy is to mock or tease someone in a playful way.
420habitTo habit is to do something repeatedly or regularly, often without thinking about it.
421handTo hand is to give something to someone using your hand.
422handleTo handle is to manage, deal with, or control a situation or object.
423hangTo hang is to attach or suspend something from a surface, such as a wall or ceiling.
424happenTo happen is to occur or take place, often unexpectedly.
425harmTo harm is to cause physical or emotional damage or injury to someone or something.
426hasTo possess or to own something.
427hateTo hate is to feel intense or passionate dislike or animosity towards someone or something.
428haveTo have is to possess or own something.
429hearTo hear means to perceive sound with one's ears.
430heatTo heat is to make something warmer by increasing its temperature.
431helpTo help is to give assistance or aid to someone who needs it.
432hesitateTo hesitate is to pause or delay before making a decision or taking action.
433hideTo hide is to conceal oneself or something from view or discovery.
434highlightTo highlight is to emphasize or draw attention to something.
435hireTo hire is to pay someone to work for you or your company.
436hitTo hit is to strike or come into contact with something forcefully.
437holdTo hold is to grasp or carry something with your hands or to keep something in a particular position.
438holeTo hole is to make a hole in something or to enter a hole.
439hookTo hook is to catch or entangle something with a hook.
440hopeTo hope is to feel optimistic or confident that something desired or wished for will happen.
441horseTo horse is to provide or ride on a horse or other equine animal.
442hostTo host is to entertain or provide accommodations for guests or visitors.
443huntTo hunt is to search for or pursue wild animals for food or sport.
444hurryTo hurry is to move or act quickly or to rush or urge someone to do something quickly.
445hurtTo hurt is to cause physical or emotional pain or harm to someone or something.
446husbandTo husband is to manage or conserve resources, often in a frugal or efficient manner.
447iceTo ice is to cover or coat something with ice or frost.
448identifyTo identify is to recognize or determine the identity or nature of someone or something.
449ignoreTo intentionally pay no attention to something or someone.
450illustrateTo illustrate is to provide visual representation or clarification of something using pictures or examples.
451imageTo image is to form a mental picture of something or to represent something visually.
452imagineTo imagine is to form a mental picture or concept of something that is not present or real.
453impactTo impact is to have a strong effect on something or someone.
454implementTo implement is to put a plan, policy, or idea into action or practice.
455implyTo suggest or indicate something indirectly or without explicitly stating it.
456impressTo impress is to make someone feel admiration or respect towards you or something else.
457improveTo improve is to make something better or enhance its quality or condition.
458includeTo contain or comprise something as part of a larger whole.
459incorporateTo incorporate is to include or blend something into a larger whole.
460increaseTo increase is to make something greater in size, quantity, or degree.
461indicateTo indicate is to show or suggest something, often through gestures or signs.
462influenceTo influence is to have an effect on someone or something.
463informTo inform is to provide knowledge or information about something to someone.
464insistTo demand or require something strongly or persistently.
465installTo install is to set up or put something in position or place so that it is ready for use.
466intendTo intend is to have a plan or purpose for something or to have a specific aim or goal in mind.
467interestTo interest is to attract or hold attention or curiosity.
468interestedTo interest is to attract someone's attention or to make them curious about something.
469interviewTo interview is to ask someone a series of questions in order to gather information or to evaluate their suitability for a job or a position.
470introduceTo introduce is to present someone or something to others for the first time or to bring something into use or operation.
471investTo invest means to put money or resources into something with the expectation of a profit or benefit.
472investigateTo look into something carefully in order to gather information or find out the truth.
473inviteTo invite is to ask someone to come or join, often to a social event or gathering.
474involveTo involve means to include or require someone or something to be a part of an activity or situation.
475involvedTo involve is to include or participate in something, often an activity or situation that requires effort or attention.
476ironTo iron is to press or smooth out wrinkles in clothing using a heated iron.
477isTo be in existence or to possess a certain quality.
478islandTo island is to isolate or separate something like an island.
479issueTo issue is to distribute or publish something or to bring up a topic or problem for discussion.
480jacketTo jacket is to cover or encase something with a protective or decorative outer layer.
481jobTo job is to work at a particular occupation or task to earn money or achieve a goal.
482joinTo join is to become a part of a group or to connect two or more things together.
483jokeTo joke is to tell a funny story or make a humorous comment.
484judgeTo judge is to form an opinion or make a decision about someone or something based on certain criteria or evidence.
485juiceTo juice is to extract juice from fruit or vegetables or to enhance something with energy or excitement.
486jumpTo jump is to propel oneself off the ground by using one's legs or to move suddenly and quickly.
487juryTo jury is to serve as a member of a jury in a trial.
488justifyTo justify is to provide a valid reason or explanation for something.
489keepTo keep is to maintain possession or control of something.
490kickTo kick is to strike something with one's foot or feet.
491kidTo kid is to joke or tease someone in a playful and good-natured way.
492killTo kill is to cause the death of a living being.
493kissTo kiss is to touch or press your lips to someone or something as a sign of affection, greeting, or respect.
494kneeTo knee is to strike or hit something with the knee.
495knifeTo knife is to cut or stab something using a sharp blade.
496knowTo have information or awareness about something.
497lackTo lack is to not have or possess something that is needed or desired.
498landTo land is to touch down or arrive on the ground or surface.
499landscapeTo landscape is to design or arrange a garden or outdoor area, or to create a picturesque scene.
500laughTo laugh is to express amusement or joy with sounds made by the mouth and throat.
501lawyerTo lawyer is to practice law or provide legal advice.
502layTo lay is to put or place something in a particular position or location.
503layerTo layer is to arrange or stack something in layers or levels.
504leadTo lead is to guide or direct others towards a certain goal or objective.
505leagueTo league is to join or form a group or organization for a particular purpose.
506learnTo acquire knowledge or skill through study, experience or teaching.
507leaveto go away from a place or person.
508lectureTo lecture is to give a talk or speech, often to instruct or inform an audience.
509legTo leg is to kick or hit something with one's leg.
510lessonTo lesson is to reduce or decrease something, such as pain or difficulty.
511letTo let is to allow or permit something to happen or be done.
512letterTo letter is to form or write letters or words.
513lieTo lie is to intentionally say or write something that is not true.
514liftto raise or move something or someone to a higher position.
515lightTo light is to make something bright or to ignite a flame.
516likeTo like is to enjoy or appreciate something or someone, often resulting in a positive emotional response.
517limitTo limit is to set a boundary or restriction on something.
518limitedTo limit is to restrict or reduce something in size, quantity, or extent.
519lineTo line is to cover the inside of something with a material, or to form a row or queue.
520linkTo link is to connect or join together two or more things or ideas.
521lipTo lip is to mouth or say something silently without making a sound.
522listTo list is to write down or record a series of items in a particular order or sequence.
523listenTo listen is to pay attention to and hear what someone is saying.
524liveTo live is to be alive and exist or to reside in a particular place.
525loadTo load is to place a heavy or bulky object onto a vehicle or into a container for transportation.
526loanTo loan is to lend money or property to someone for a period of time, typically with the expectation of repayment or return.
527lockTo lock is to fasten or secure with a lock.
528logTo log is to record or document events or information.
529lookTo look is to use your eyes to see something.
530looseTo loose is to release something from a constraint or fixed position.
531loseTo lose means to no longer have something or be unable to find something.
532lostTo lose is to no longer have something that one had before.
533luckTo luck is to have good or bad fortune or chance in a particular situation.
534lunchTo lunch is to eat a midday meal.
535machineTo machine is to make or operate a machine.
536mailTo mail is to send a letter or package to someone through the postal system.
537maintainTo maintain is to keep something in a particular state or condition, often through ongoing effort or attention.
538makeTo make is to create or produce something.
539manTo man is to provide personnel or staff for a job, task, or position, often with the expectation of performing specific duties.
540manageTo manage is to control or direct something or someone in a way that achieves a specific goal or outcome.
541manufacturingTo manufacture is to produce or make goods on a large scale, typically using machinery and a production line.
542marchTo march is to walk in a group with a regular, steady step, usually for a specific purpose or occasion.
543markTo mark is to indicate or make a visible sign or symbol on something.
544marketTo market is to promote or advertise a product or service to potential customers.
545marriedTo be married is to be in a legally or socially recognized union with another person, typically for romantic or sexual purposes.
546marryTo marry is to enter into a legal or formal union with another person as partners in a romantic relationship.
547matchTo match is to pair or combine two or more things that are similar or complementary.
548mateTo mate is to breed or pair animals together.
549matterTo matter is to be important or to have significance or relevance.
550meanTo mean is to intend to convey or express something or to signify or represent something.
551meetTo meet is to come into contact or be introduced to someone for the first time.
552mentionTo mention is to speak or write about something briefly or casually.
553messTo mess is to make something dirty or untidy, or to confuse or muddle something up.
554metalTo metal is to coat or cover something with a layer of metal.
555milkTo milk is to extract milk from an animal, typically a cow, or to exploit or take advantage of something excessively.
556mindTo mind is to pay attention to or take care of something, or to be bothered by something.
557mirrorTo mirror is to reflect an image or likeness of something.
558missTo miss is to fail to hit, catch, or make contact with something or to feel sadness or longing for someone or something that is absent or lost.
559mistakeTo mistake is to misunderstand or misinterpret something, often resulting in an error or incorrect action.
560mixto combine two or more substances or elements to form a new mixture.
561mixedTo mix is to combine different substances or elements to create a new and blended product or result.
562modelTo model is to represent or display something, often as a physical or digital prototype or example.
563monitorTo monitor is to observe or check the progress or quality of something.
564mortgageTo mortgage is to pledge property as security for a loan.
565mouseTo mouse is to move a computer mouse to control the movement of the cursor on a screen.
566mouthTo mouth is to form words or sounds with one's mouth or to speak insincerely or hypocritically.
567moveTo move is to change position or location.
568muscleTo muscle is to use physical strength to move or lift something.
569mustMust is a modal verb used to indicate necessity or obligation.
570nailTo nail is to attach or fasten something to a surface using nails or similar hardware.
571nameTo name is to give a specific title or designation to something or someone.
572narrowTo narrow is to make something smaller in width or scope.
573neckTo neck is to kiss or caress someone's neck.
574needTo require something for a specific purpose or reason.
575negotiateTo discuss something with others in order to reach an agreement or settlement.
576nerveTo nerve is to give someone the courage or confidence to do something.
577netTo net is to catch or acquire something, especially something valuable.
578networkTo network is to establish or develop a network of contacts or relationships for professional or social purposes.
579noiseTo noise is to make a loud or unpleasant sound, often causing a disturbance or annoyance.
580noseTo nose is to push or rub with one's nose, often to smell or investigate.
581noteTo note is to take notice of something or to make a written record of it.
582noticeTo notice is to become aware of something.
583numberTo number is to assign a numerical value or label to something in a specific sequence.
584nurseTo nurse is to care for and support the recovery of a sick or injured person.
585objectTo object is to express disagreement or disapproval of something.
586obtainTo obtain is to acquire or get something, often through effort or negotiation.
587occasionTo occasion is to give rise to or cause something to happen, often unexpectedly or by chance.
588occurTo occur is to happen or take place, often unexpectedly or spontaneously.
589offerTo offer is to present or propose something to someone for their consideration or acceptance.
590officerTo officer is to hold a position of authority or power.
591oilTo oil is to apply oil or grease to something to lubricate or protect it.
592openTo open is to move something so that an opening or passage is created.
593operateTo operate is to control the functioning of a machine or system or to perform a task or action.
594optionTo option is to choose or select from a range of options or choices.
595orderTo order is to arrange or organize something or to request something to be delivered or done.
596organizeTo organize is to arrange or systematize something in a structured or efficient manner.
597organizedTo organize is to arrange or order things in a particular way.
598oughtTo ought is to indicate a moral or ethical obligation to do something.
599overcomeTo overcome is to successfully deal with a difficult challenge or obstacle.
600oweTo owe is to have a debt or an obligation to pay or do something for someone else.
601ownTo own is to have legal possession or control over something, often referring to property or assets.
602paceTo pace is to walk or move back and forth repeatedly in a confined space.
603packTo pack is to put items into a container or bag for transportation.
604packageTo package is to wrap or enclose something in a container or bundle for transportation or storage.
605pageTo page is to turn the pages of a book or to call someone over a paging system.
606painTo pain is to cause physical or emotional discomfort or suffering.
607paintTo paint is to apply a layer of paint to something, often for decorative purposes.
608pairTo pair is to match or group together in sets of two.
609panicTo panic is to feel sudden overwhelming fear or anxiety.
610parentTo parent is to raise or care for a child as a parent or guardian.
611parkTo park is to leave a vehicle or object in a designated parking space.
612partTo part is to separate or divide something into distinct sections or pieces.
613participateTo participate is to take part in an activity, event, or process.
614partnerTo partner is to work together or collaborate with someone, typically on a project or endeavor.
615passTo pass is to move past or through something or to transfer something from one person to another.
616passageTo passage is to move or travel through a narrow or confined space.
617patternTo pattern is to create or follow a specific design or sequence of actions.
618pauseTo pause is to stop or briefly interrupt an activity or speech, often to rest or reflect.
619payTo pay is to give money in exchange for something.
620peakTo peak is to reach the highest point or level of something.
621penTo pen is to write or compose something.
622pensionTo pension is to retire from work and receive a regular payment from a pension fund.
623perfectTo perfect is to make something as good or flawless as possible.
624performTo perform is to carry out a task or duty or to put on a show or display for others.
625permitTo permit is to allow or authorize something to happen or to give permission for something to be done.
626persuadeTo persuade is to convince someone to do or believe something through reasoning or argument.
627phaseTo phase is to gradually introduce or transition from one thing to another.
628phraseTo phrase is to express something in a particular way or using certain words, often for clarity or emphasis.
629pickto choose or select something from a group.
630pictureTo picture is to imagine or visualize something in one's mind.
631pieceTo piece is to join together separate parts to form a whole.
632pinTo pin is to attach or fasten something with a pin or similar object.
633pipeTo pipe is to transport a liquid or gas through a pipe or to play a musical instrument, such as a pipe or flute.
634pitchTo pitch is to throw something with a particular force or direction, or to present an idea or proposal to someone.
635placeTo place is to put something in a specific location or position.
636planTo plan is to make arrangements or prepare for an event or goal that will happen in the future.
637plantTo plant is to sow or place a seed or plant in the ground with the intention of growing it.
638plateTo plate is to cover or coat a surface with a thin layer of metal or another material.
639playTo play is to engage in an activity for enjoyment or recreation.
640pleaseTo please is to make someone happy or satisfied.
641pleasedTo please is to give satisfaction or enjoyment to someone.
642pleasureTo pleasure is to give someone enjoyment or satisfaction.
643pointTo point is to direct attention or indicate a particular direction or location.
644poolTo pool is to combine or share resources or assets for a common purpose.
645popTo pop is to make a sudden or explosive sound, or to put something quickly into a particular place or position.
646positionTo position is to place or arrange something in a particular position or location.
647possessTo possess is to have or own something.
648postTo post is to publish or share something online or on a public platform.
649potTo pot is to plant or place a plant in a pot or container.
650poundTo pound is to hit or strike something repeatedly with force or to weigh a certain amount.
651pourTo pour is to transfer a liquid from one container to another in a steady stream.
652practiceTo practice is to repeat an activity or skill in order to improve or master it.
653prayTo pray is to communicate with a higher power or deity, often asking for guidance, help, or forgiveness.
654preferTo prefer means to like or choose one thing over another.
655prepareTo prepare is to make ready or make arrangements for something to happen or be done.
656pressTo press is to apply pressure or force to something.
657pressureTo pressure is to apply force or influence to someone or something to achieve a certain result.
658pretendTo pretend is to act or behave in a way that is not genuine or sincere, often to deceive or hide something.
659preventTo prevent means to stop something from happening or to keep something from occurring.
660priceTo price is to assign a particular monetary value to something for sale or purchase.
661prideTo pride is to feel proud or pleased about something.
662priestTo priest is to ordain or become a priest.
663printTo print is to reproduce text or images on paper or another medium.
664processTo process is to perform a series of actions to accomplish a particular task or goal.
665produceTo produce is to create or make something, often in a manufacturing or agricultural context.
666profileTo profile is to create a detailed description or analysis of a person, organization, or thing, often for investigative or marketing purposes.
667profitTo profit is to make a financial gain or benefit from something.
668programTo program is to create, design, or develop a set of instructions or procedures for a computer or machine to follow.
669progressTo progress is to move forward or make advancement in something.
670projectTo project is to plan or estimate something for the future.
671promiseTo promise is to make a commitment or assurance to do something.
672promptTo prompt is to encourage or motivate someone to do something or to remind someone of what they are supposed to do.
673proposeTo propose is to suggest or put forward a plan or idea for consideration.
674proposedTo propose is to suggest or put forward an idea or plan for consideration.
675protectTo protect is to keep safe or defend from harm or danger.
676proveTo prove is to show that something is true or real through evidence or argument.
677provideTo give or supply something to someone.
678providedTo provide is to give or supply something.
679pullTo pull is to use force to move something towards you or away from something else.
680punchTo punch is to hit someone or something with a closed fist, often as a way of expressing anger or frustration.
681purchaseTo purchase is to buy something, typically with money.
682purposeTo purpose is to intend or plan something for a specific reason or goal.
683pursueTo follow or chase after something or someone, often with determination or persistence.
684pushTo push is to apply force to move something away from oneself or towards a particular destination.
685putTo put is to place or position something in a specific location.
686qualifyTo meet the requirements or standards necessary for something, such as a job or competition.
687quarterTo quarter is to divide something into four equal parts.
688questionTo question is to ask or inquire about something in order to gain information or clarification.
689quitTo quit is to stop or give up something, often a job or activity, or to leave or abandon something.
690quoteTo quote is to repeat or reproduce someone else's words or to provide a price estimate for a product or service.
691raceTo race is to compete in a contest of speed, often with other people or animals.
692radioTo radio is to communicate with someone using a two-way radio system.
693rainTo rain is to fall as water from the clouds.
694raiseTo raise is to lift or move something to a higher position or to increase something such as a salary or voice volume.
695rangeTo range is to vary or extend between certain limits or values.
696rateTo rate is to assign a value or level of quality to something.
697reachto arrive at a particular place or achieve a particular goal.
698reactTo react is to respond to something that has happened or been said in a certain way.
699readTo read is to look at written or printed words and understand their meaning.
700readyTo ready is to prepare or make something ready for use or action.
701realizeTo realize means to become aware of something or to understand something fully.
702reasonTo reason is to think logically or rationally to come to a conclusion or make a decision.
703receiveTo receive means to be given or obtain something.
704recognizeTo recognize is to identify or acknowledge something or someone as known or familiar.
705recommendTo recommend is to suggest or advise someone to do something or to use something based on one's experience or knowledge.
706recordTo record is to document or make a permanent copy of something.
707recoverTo recover is to return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength after an illness, injury, or setback or to retrieve something that has been lost or stolen.
708reduceTo reduce means to make something smaller or decrease in size, quantity, or intensity.
709referTo refer means to mention or direct someone to something for information or help.
710referenceTo reference is to mention or allude to something.
711reflectTo reflect is to think deeply or carefully about something or to show or mirror an image or likeness.
712refuseTo refuse is to decline or reject something that is offered or asked for.
713registerTo register is to record or sign up for something.
714regretTo regret is to feel sorrow or disappointment about something that has happened or something that you have done.
715relateTo relate is to connect or associate something with something else or to tell a story or give an account of something.
716relatedTo relate is to have a connection or association with something.
717relaxTo relax is to become less tense or anxious and to rest or unwind.
718releaseTo release is to set free or let go of something or someone.
719relieveTo relieve is to ease or alleviate pain, stress, or discomfort.
720relyTo rely is to depend on someone or something for support, help, or information.
721remainTo remain is to stay in the same place or condition without moving or changing.
722remainingTo continue to exist or be left over after the rest has been taken away or used up.
723rememberTo retain or recall information or events from the past.
724remindTo remind is to bring back to one's attention or memory something that has been forgotten or overlooked.
725removeTo remove is to take away or eliminate something or someone from a particular place or situation.
726rentTo rent is to pay to use something, often a property or vehicle, for a specified period of time.
727repairTo repair is to fix or restore something that is broken or damaged.
728repeatTo repeat is to do or say something again.
729replaceTo replace is to take the place of something or someone that has been removed or substituted.
730replyTo reply is to respond or answer to a question, message, or request.
731reportto provide information about something in a formal or official manner.
732representTo represent is to act or speak on behalf of someone or something else.
733requestTo request is to ask for something in a polite or formal manner.
734requireTo require is to need or demand something as necessary or essential.
735researchTo research is to investigate or study something in order to gain knowledge or information about it.
736reserveto keep something for a particular person or purpose.
737resistTo resist is to oppose or withstand something, often as a way of fighting against it or protecting oneself.
738resolveTo resolve is to settle or solve a problem or conflict or to make a firm decision to do something.
739resortTo resort is to turn to a particular course of action as a last option.
740respectTo respect is to show admiration or deference to someone or something, typically as a result of their status, achievements, or qualities.
741respondTo respond is to answer or reply to something that has been said or done.
742restto cease activity or movement in order to regain strength or energy.
743resultTo result is to be the consequence or outcome of something.
744retainTo retain is to keep or hold onto something.
745retireTo stop working, usually because of age, and to leave one's job or profession.
746returnTo return is to go back to a previous place or state, often after being away for a period of time.
747revealTo reveal is to make something known or to uncover or disclose something that was previously hidden or secret.
748reviewTo review is to examine or analyze something in detail.
749rewardTo reward is to give something in return for good behavior or effort.
750riceTo rice is to prepare or serve rice as a dish.
751ridTo remove or get rid of something unwanted.
752rideTo ride is to sit on and control the movement of a vehicle or animal.
753ringTo ring is to produce a sound or noise like a bell or telephone.
754ripTo rip is to tear or cut something quickly and forcefully, often causing damage or destruction.
755riseto move upwards or become higher.
756riskTo risk is to take a chance or to expose oneself to the possibility of harm or loss.
757rockTo rock is to move or sway back and forth, often rhythmically or in response to external stimuli such as music or waves.
758rollTo roll is to move forward or backward by rotating on an axis or to flatten or shape something by pressing it with a cylindrical object.
759roofTo roof is to cover a building or structure with a roof.
760roomTo room is to reside or stay in a particular room or space.
761ropeTo rope is to tie or secure something with a rope.
762rowTo row is to propel a boat through water using oars.
763rubTo rub is to apply pressure and friction to something with your hands or an object, often to clean or soothe it.
764ruinTo ruin is to cause something to fall into a state of decay or destruction.
765ruleTo rule is to govern or control something, usually by established laws, regulations, or principles.
766runto move quickly on foot.
767rushTo rush is to move or do something quickly, often with urgency or in a hurry.
768sailTo sail is to travel on water in a vessel using wind power.
769salaryTo salary is to pay someone a fixed amount of money in exchange for their work or services.
770sandTo sand is to rub the surface of something with sandpaper or a similar abrasive material to make it smooth or remove imperfections.
771sandwichTo sandwich is to place something between two pieces of bread or other food.
772saveTo save is to keep something from being lost, damaged, or destroyed.
773sayTo say is to express something in words.
774scaleTo scale is to climb or ascend something, often a mountain or wall.
775scheduleTo schedule is to plan or arrange an event, appointment, or task for a specific time or date.
776schemeTo scheme is to make a plan or plot, often with a dishonest or secretive motive.
777schoolTo school is to educate or to train in a particular skill or subject.
778scoreTo score is to earn points or achieve a certain result in a game or competition.
779scratchTo scratch is to make a mark or tear on a surface by rubbing or scraping it with a sharp or rough object.
780screenTo screen is to show or display something on a screen or to examine something closely to determine its suitability.
781screwTo screw is to twist or turn something, often a screw or a bolt, to fasten or secure it in place.
782scriptTo script is to write or compose a script or screenplay.
783searchTo search is to look for something or someone, often with the intention of finding or discovering.
784seasonTo season is to add flavor or enhance the taste of food with spices or herbs.
785seatTo seat is to place someone in a position where they can sit.
786sectionTo section is to divide or separate something into sections or parts.
787secureTo secure is to make something safe or secure from harm.
788seeTo perceive something using your eyes or other senses.
789seekTo seek is to look for or search for something.
790seemTo seem means to give the impression or appear a certain way.
791selectTo select is to choose something from a group or a number of options based on a particular criteria.
792sellTo sell is to exchange goods or services for money.
793sendTo send is to cause something to be delivered or transmitted to a person or place.
794senseTo sense is to perceive or to be aware of something through one's senses.
795sentenceTo sentence is to declare or impose a punishment or penalty on someone who has been convicted of a crime.
796separateTo separate is to divide or disconnect something into parts or pieces.
797serveto provide a service or be of use to someone.
798serviceTo service is to maintain or repair something or to provide assistance or help.
799setTo set is to place or adjust something in a fixed position or arrangement.
800settleTo settle is to resolve a dispute or to come to an agreement or to establish oneself in a new place or situation.
801sexTo sex is to determine the biological sex of an organism, often through visual or genetic analysis.
802shakeTo shake is to move back and forth or up and down quickly and repeatedly, or to cause something to do so.
803shallShall is a modal verb used to indicate a future action or make a suggestion.
804shameTo shame is to cause someone to feel embarrassed or guilty about something they have done.
805shapeTo shape is to form or give a particular form to something.
806shareTo share is to give a portion or part of something to someone else or to communicate thoughts or feelings with others.
807sharpTo sharp is to make something sharp or to sharpen it.
808shelterTo shelter is to provide protection or refuge for someone or something from harm or danger.
809shiftTo shift is to move or cause to move from one position, direction, or focus to another.
810shineTo shine is to give off or reflect bright light, or to excel or be outstanding in a particular way.
811shipTo ship is to transport or send something, especially by sea.
812shockTo shock is to cause a sudden surprise or disturbance.
813shoeTo shoe is to put shoes on someone's feet or to attach a metal plate to a horse's hoof.
814shootTo shoot is to fire a weapon or take a photograph or video.
815shopTo shop is to go to a store or a market to buy goods or services.
816shoulderTo shoulder is to carry or bear the weight or responsibility of something, often metaphorically.
817showTo show is to demonstrate or display something to someone.
818showerTo shower is to bathe or rinse oneself with water, often in a shower.
819shutTo shut is to close or block an opening or entrance.
820sideTo side is to choose or support a particular position or opinion in a dispute or argument.
821signTo sign is to write or mark a signature on a document or surface.
822singTo sing is to produce musical sounds with your voice.
823sinkTo sink is to descend below the surface of a liquid or to fall or drop downward.
824sitTo sit is to rest on a chair or other surface with your back upright and your legs bent.
825siteTo site is to place or locate something in a particular position or location.
826sizeTo size is to determine or adjust the size or dimensions of something.
827skinTo skin is to remove the skin from something, typically an animal or fruit.
828skirtTo skirt is to go around the edge or border of something.
829skyTo sky is to fly or soar in the sky.
830sleepTo sleep is to rest the body and mind by being in a state of unconsciousness.
831sliceTo slice is to cut something into thin pieces.
832slideTo slide is to move smoothly along a surface.
833slightTo slight is to insult or disrespect someone by treating them as unimportant or insignificant.
834slipTo slip is to slide or lose one's footing on a surface or to make a mistake or error.
835smartTo smart is to feel a sharp, stinging pain.
836smellTo smell is to detect or perceive an odor with the nose.
837smileTo smile is to make a happy or friendly facial expression by curving the corners of the mouth and showing the teeth.
838smokeTo smoke is to inhale and exhale the smoke of a burning substance, often tobacco, for recreational or medicinal purposes.
839snowTo snow is to fall from the sky as snowflakes.
840sockTo sock is to hit someone or something with a closed fist.
841soilTo soil is to make something dirty or contaminated, especially with dirt or mud.
842solveTo solve means to find an answer or solution to a problem.
843sortTo sort is to separate or arrange things into different categories or groups.
844soundTo sound is to emit or produce a noise or to make a particular impression or effect.
845sourceTo source is to obtain or acquire something from a specific origin or location, often for a particular purpose or use.
846spaceTo space is to arrange or distribute things or objects at a distance from each other, creating a specific layout or pattern.
847speakTo speak means to communicate with others using words.
848specifyTo state or describe something clearly and precisely.
849speedTo speed is to move or travel quickly.
850spellTo spell is to write or say the letters or words of a word in the correct order.
851spendTo spend is to use or expend money, time, or effort on something.
852spiritTo spirit is to carry away or move something quickly and secretly.
853spiteTo spite is to deliberately harm, annoy, or offend someone.
854splitTo split is to divide or separate something into two or more parts or pieces.
855sportTo sport is to engage in physical activity or to participate in a specific sport or game.
856spotTo spot is to see or notice something, often in a quick or casual manner.
857sprayTo spray is to disperse liquid or particles in a mist or stream.
858spreadTo spread is to extend or distribute something over an area or surface.
859springTo spring is to move quickly and suddenly in a particular direction.
860stableTo stable is to keep something or someone firmly in place and steady.
861staffTo staff is to provide with workers or employees.
862stageTo stage is to organize or plan an event or performance.
863standTo stand is to be in an upright position on your feet.
864starTo star is to feature or be the main performer in a movie, TV show, or other performance.
865startTo start is to begin or initiate an action or process.
866stateTo state is to express something clearly and precisely in words.
867stationTo station is to place or position something or someone in a particular location.
868stayto remain in a particular place or situation.
869stealTo steal is to take something without permission or to do something dishonest or unfair in order to gain an advantage.
870stepTo step is to move by lifting one foot and putting it down in a different place.
871stickTo stick is to attach or adhere something to another surface.
872stomachTo stomach is to tolerate or endure something unpleasant, often a difficult situation or task.
873stopto cease movement or action; to come to an end.
874storeTo store is to keep something in a designated place for future use or safekeeping.
875stormTo storm is to move or rush forward forcefully, often with anger or violence.
876strainTo strain is to exert oneself physically or mentally to accomplish something or to put pressure on something to make it bend or stretch.
877stressTo stress is to emphasize or place importance on something.
878stretchTo stretch is to lengthen or extend one's body or limbs, usually in order to improve flexibility or prepare for physical activity.
879strikeTo strike is to hit or impact something forcefully and often repeatedly.
880stringTo string is to thread or connect a series of objects or items together, often using a string or similar material.
881stripTo strip is to remove clothing or covering from something.
882strokeTo stroke is to move one's hand over something gently and repeatedly.
883structureTo structure is to organize or arrange something in a specific way.
884struggleTo struggle is to try very hard to do something that is difficult or to overcome a problem.
885studyTo study is to examine or learn about a subject or topic in depth, often through research or practice.
886stuffTo stuff is to fill something tightly with material or substance.
887styleTo style is to give something a particular appearance or design.
888submitTo submit is to present or hand over something for consideration or judgment.
889succeedTo succeed is to achieve a desired goal or outcome.
890suckTo suck is to draw in or take in with the mouth, or to be of poor quality or unsatisfactory.
891sufferTo suffer is to experience pain, hardship, or distress.
892sugarTo sugar is to add sugar to something.
893suggestTo suggest is to offer an idea or proposal for consideration or discussion.
894suitTo suit is to fit or be appropriate for a particular purpose, situation, or person.
895summerTo summer is to spend time during the summer season in a particular place or activity.
896sunTo sun is to expose oneself to the sun, often for the purpose of tanning or relaxing.
897supplyTo supply is to provide or make available something that is needed or wanted.
898supportTo support is to provide assistance, help, or encouragement to someone or something.
899supposeTo suppose is to assume or believe something to be true based on little or no evidence.
900surpriseTo surprise is to cause someone to feel unexpected delight or shock.
901surprisedTo surprise is to cause someone to feel a sudden sense of astonishment or disbelief, often by doing something unexpected or out of the ordinary.
902surroundTo surround is to enclose or encircle someone or something completely.
903surveyTo survey is to examine or study something in detail.
904surviveTo survive is to continue to live or exist, often despite difficult circumstances.
905suspectTo suspect is to believe or think that someone is guilty or responsible for something based on available evidence or to feel distrustful or skeptical about something.
906swimTo swim is to move through water using your body, arms, and legs.
907swingTo swing is to move back and forth or from side to side on a fixed point or to hit something with a swinging motion.
908switchTo switch is to change or exchange something for another.
909tableTo table is to put forward for discussion or consideration, often in a formal setting such as a meeting or parliamentary session.
910tackleTo tackle is to confront or deal with a problem or challenge, or to physically grab and bring down an opponent in sports.
911takeTo grab, seize or hold something.
912talkTo talk is to communicate with someone by speaking, often in a conversation or discussion.
913tankTo tank is to store or hold something in a tank, or to fail or perform poorly in a competition or activity.
914tapTo tap is to touch something gently or lightly, often to get someone's attention.
915targetTo target is to aim at or focus on a particular object or goal.
916taskTo task is to assign or give someone a particular job or responsibility to complete.
917tasteTo taste is to experience or perceive the flavor or quality of something through the mouth or sense of taste.
918taxTo tax is to impose a financial charge or burden on someone or something, usually by a government or authority.
919teachto instruct or educate someone in a particular skill or subject.
920teamTo team is to work together with others in a coordinated and collaborative way.
921tearTo tear is to pull or rip apart forcefully, usually resulting in damage to the object being torn.
922telephoneTo telephone is to make a call to someone using a telephone or similar device.
923tellTo tell is to communicate information or a story to someone, often by speaking.
924tendTo tend is to have a natural inclination or predisposition towards something or to take care of something.
925termTo term is to give a specific name or definition to something or someone.
926testTo test is to evaluate or to examine something or someone to determine their abilities or characteristics.
927textTo text is to send a message via text message.
928thankTo express gratitude or appreciation towards someone.
929themeTo theme is to design or organize something around a particular topic, idea, or concept.
930thinkTo think is to use your mind to consider and form ideas or opinions about something.
931throwTo throw is to propel something through the air by hand or by force.
932ticketTo ticket is to issue or give someone a ticket for a violation or admission to an event.
933tieTo tie is to fasten or secure something with a knot or other means.
934tillTo till is to cultivate land for crops.
935tipTo tip is to give a small amount of money to someone as a gratuity or appreciation for their service.
936tiredTo tire is to become exhausted or fatigued from physical or mental exertion.
937titleTo title is to give a name or title to something.
938toeTo toe is to touch or push something with one's toes.
939toneTo tone is to adjust or modify the tone or pitch of a sound or a voice.
940toolTo tool is to use a tool to accomplish a task.
941touchTo touch is to come into physical contact with something or someone.
942tourTo tour is to visit and explore different places, often as part of a group.
943towelTo towel is to dry or wipe oneself or something else using a towel or similar cloth.
944towerTo tower is to rise high above something, like a tower or building.
945trackTo track is to follow or monitor the progress or movement of something or someone over time.
946tradeTo trade is to exchange goods or services for other goods or services, usually for monetary gain.
947trafficTo traffic is to move goods or people from one place to another, especially on a regular basis.
948trainTo train is to teach someone a skill or to prepare for a task or activity through practice and instruction.
949transitionTo transition is to move from one state or condition to another.
950translateTo translate is to convert written or spoken words from one language into another.
951trashTo trash is to discard or dispose of something as garbage.
952travelTo travel is to go from one place to another, typically over a distance.
953treatTo treat is to behave towards someone in a particular way or to provide medical care or attention to someone.
954treeTo tree is to climb up and perch oneself in a tree.
955tripTo trip is to stumble or lose balance while walking or running.
956troubleTo trouble is to cause difficulty or problems for someone or something.
957truckTo truck is to transport or move goods by truck or other vehicle.
958trustTo trust is to believe or have confidence in someone or something.
959tryTo try is to make an attempt to do or achieve something.
960tuneTo tune is to adjust the pitch or melody of a musical instrument or voice.
961turnTo turn is to rotate or change direction around a central point.
962twistTo twist is to bend or turn something out of its natural shape or to distort or change the meaning of something.
963typeTo type is to input characters on a keyboard or typewriter.
964understandTo comprehend or grasp the meaning of something.
965upsetTo upset is to cause someone to feel disturbed, troubled, or unsettled.
966useTo use is to employ or utilize something for a particular purpose.
967vacationTo vacation is to take a period of time away from work or other responsibilities for rest, relaxation, or travel.
968valueTo value is to consider something important or worthy of respect or to assign a particular monetary worth to something.
969varyTo vary is to be different or change in some way, often in quantity or quality.
970viewTo view is to look at or observe something from a particular perspective or angle.
971visitto go to see someone or something, often for a specific purpose.
972voiceTo voice is to express or articulate one's thoughts or opinions in a clear and audible manner.
973waitTo wait is to stay in one place or delay action until a particular event occurs.
974wakeTo wake is to become conscious after sleeping or to cause someone to become conscious by making noise or touching them.
975walkto move forward on foot.
976wallTo wall is to enclose or separate with a wall.
977wantTo desire or wish for something.
978warTo war is to engage in armed conflict or struggle.
979warmTo warm is to increase the temperature or heat of something or someone.
980warnTo inform someone about a potential danger or problem.
981wasWas is the past tense of the verb "to be," which is used to indicate the existence or identity of something or someone in the past.
982washTo wash is to clean something with water and often soap or detergent.
983wasteTo waste is to use something in a way that does not produce any benefit or value or to allow something to be unused or unused efficiently.
984watchto observe something or someone closely.
985waterTo water is to give plants or crops liquid in order to help them grow, or to provide a source of hydration for humans and animals.
986waveTo wave is to move one's hand or arm back and forth to signal or greet someone.
987wearTo wear is to have something on your body as clothing or an accessory.
988weatherTo weather is to withstand or survive the effects of different weather conditions, such as rain, wind, or snow.
989webTo web is to connect or link something or someone to the internet or to other websites.
990weekendTo weekend is to spend time relaxing or engaging in leisure activities over the weekend.
991weighTo measure the weight of something or to consider and compare different options or factors.
992weightTo weight is to measure or determine the weight of something.
993wellTo well is to rise to the surface or overflow, often in reference to a liquid.
994wereWere is the past tense of the verb "to be," which is used to indicate the existence or identity of something or someone in the past.
995wheelTo wheel is to move or transport something on wheels, often a vehicle or heavy object.
996winTo win is to come first or be the most successful in a competition or game.
997windTo wind is to twist or turn something in a spiral or circular pattern.
998windowTo window is to provide or view something through a window or an opening.
999wingTo wing is to fly or glide through the air using wings or a similar mechanism.
1000wiseTo wise is to become or be wise, often through experience or learning.
1001wishTo wish is to want or desire something.
1002witnessTo witness is to see or observe an event or situation.
1003wonderTo wonder is to think about something with curiosity or doubt.
1004wordTo word is to express something in a particular way using language.
1005worriedTo worry is to feel anxious or concerned about something.
1006worryTo worry is to feel anxious or concerned about something.
1007wouldTo express a desire or preference for a hypothetical or future situation.
1008wrapTo wrap is to cover or enclose something completely, often using paper or cloth.
1009writeTo write is to put words on paper or other media using a pen or keyboard.
1010yardTo yard is to gather and store something, such as lumber or scrap metal, in a yard or other designated area.
1011zoneTo zone is to divide an area into different sections or categories.