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Deno Park

Game Introduction

Deno Park is a typing-based learning game.

With a rich vocabulary, users can learn foreign languages such as English and Japanese. They can also deepen their programming skills and software shortcuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. No response when starting the game?

    Browser compatibility is not yet perfect. It is recommended to use browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. It supports native browsers on mobile phones and tablets. If there are any issues with adaptation on small screens, please take a screenshot and contact us for adaptation.

    1. How to play the game?

    The gameplay is currently very simple. Attack by typing words to gain experience and level up. More gameplay will be updated in the future.

    1. What if there is no health?

    Use health potions. Currently, health potions can be obtained by checking in.

    1. How is it charged?

    The game is free. VIP members can use more dictionaries.

    1. How to skip words that have already been practiced?

    The game mainly relies on repetition to gain muscle memory and become familiar with typing faster. If you are not familiar with a word, it will automatically be added to the vocabulary list.

Apart from the game

The website also provides different tools and social gameplay to assist foreign language learners.